Simone RICCA

heritage conservation expert

Ph.D. in Middle Eastern Politics from Exeter University, United kingdom; Master Degree in Architectural Conservation from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium; Architectural Degree from the Politecnico di Torino, Italy.

Simone Ricca has been working in the field of architectural conservation for 25 years. In addition, he has carried out academic research and regularly runs technical seminars and training programmes in heritage conservation with ICCROM, UNESCO and many NGOs. He’s notably in charge of writing Nomination Files and Tentative Lists, of site assessments, of training courses on the 1972 World Heritage Convention and on architectural conservation, of research and conferences.

BIO. S. Ricca https://www.dropbox.com/s/sig8858jxtz2zzy/CV_Ricca%202020-12_EN.pdf?dl=0
  1. RCHERITAGE consultants builds on the professional expertise of its two founders, whose complementary backgrounds range from policy-drafting and site management to planning, from conservation to valorisation


heritage conservation architect

Advanced degree in Architecture and heritage, Chaillot school in Paris, 2021 (architecte du patrimoine). Master degree in architecture, National superior school of architecture in Lyon, 2018.

Elise Garcia has joined RCHeritage in 2022. Specialised in the preservation and restoration of architectural, urban and landscape heritage, she is notably in charge of built heritage studies and conservation projects. She has had several experiences in the field of heritage restoration, notably on historical monuments in France. She has also worked on the conservation of the vernacular UNESCO heritage in Cappadocia, Turkey, after studying for a year at the Mimar Sinan Üniversitesi. She developed an interest in vernacular heritage and traditional construction techniques that she analyses through detailed and graphic heritage studies using hand drawings.

Alexandrine WADEL

architect and urban planner, GIS manager

MA degree in Architecture and in Urban Planning and Development (specialisation in Urban Planning and International Cooperation), Institute of urbanism and alpine geography, Grenoble Alpes University, 2020. MA degree in Architecture, Superior National School of Architecture of Paris-La Villette, 2015.

Alexandrine Wadel is an architect and urban planner specialised in international cooperation.

Before joining RCHeritage in 2019, she worked within several architectural firms and in an international cooperation office in France, Madagascar and French Polynesia. Within RCHeritage, she is mainly in charge of research, site assessments and surveys (urban and building condition, archaeological survey, etc.), territorial and urban studies, and realisation of graphic documents (cartography, reports). She also supports the preparation of applications for inclusion on the World Heritage List and in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.


urban and cultural policies advisor

MA degree in Urban Governance and Public Policy Analysis, Urban School of Sciences Po Paris, France, 2020.

After accompanying city mayors in their international cooperation projects within the International Association of French-speaking Mayors, Anselme Goutte-Broze joined RCHeritage in 2022 to work on the management of heritage projects.

Specialised in urban and political issues in Middle Eastern cities, he notably works on drafting the Nominates Files and Tentative Lists, site management plans and governance issues.


urban planner - architect dplg

Master Degree in Architecture and Town Planning (specialisation scenography), Architect D.P.L.G, National School of Architecture in Montpellier [ENSAM], 1989, France.

François Cristofoli is a town planner and an architect. He’s been working for 30 years in France and abroad, in private architectural and urban planning firms, for institutions such as the World Bank, UNESCO, and local and regional bodies (IAU IdF, Grand Lyon). He’s notably in charge of the architectural and urban studies and site valorisation, of the realisation of the graphic documents (books, nomination files, cartography, plans and maps), of site assessments, of client support and of meeting design and facilitation.

BIO F. Cristofolihttps://www.dropbox.com/s/d7a11f7jfpsagda/CV_Cristofoli%202020-12_EN.pdf?dl=0