unique know-how in heritage PREservation, ArchitecturAL, HISTORICAL and urban STUDIES


RCHeritage carries out urban and heritage studies to enhance cultural assets and ensure that preservation and valorization of heritage sites are taken into account in all phases of urban development projects and master planning.

The studies endorsed by RCHeritage’s experts address multiple issues:

  1. Preliminary and detailed assessment of  archaeological sites, historic cities and cultural landscapes, architectural and urban classification

  2. Urban planning studies and client support

  3. Strategy for urban, architectural and archaeological preservation and development

  4. Valorization of heritage sites

  5. Preliminary design for the creation and rehabilitation of cultural and tourism projects, visitors’ reception facilities

RCHeritage has acquired a unique know-how and experience in World heritage preservation. Governements, private actors and International Organizations, have relied on its expertise to help them carry out  the different phases for a nomination on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

RCHeritage proposes its services for the completion of the following tasks:

  1. Assessment of World heritage potential

  2. Realization of conservation plans and technical support for conservation 

  3. Preparation of UNESCO World Heritage Tentative Lists

  4. Preparation of UNESCO World Heritage Nomination files (cultural and mixed properties)

  5. Management plans for World Heritage and cultural sites

  1. World Heritage preservation

  1. PROJECTS, Studies & Promotion

  1. communication & capacity-building

RCHeritage strongly believes that heritage preservation and enhancement should be based on community participation and shared knowledge, and is actively engaged in communication and capacity-building activities, aiming at spreading best practices and international experience.

This committment takes the form of a large panel of activities:

  1. Training and workshops on World Heritage, site management and architectural conservation

  2.     Publications, graphic design

  3. Academic conferences and seminars

  4. Development of scientific programmes

  5. Participation to international peer-to-peer exchanges


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